Please join us for the 35th annual Bioneers Conference. 

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About Our Rates:
The Bioneers Conference is not a source of profit. Our standard registration rates are deeply subsidized to make the experience available for people from all walks of life. If we were to charge the actual cost, tickets would be closer to $1500 each. When you Pay It Forward by buying a higher-priced ticket, you make it possible for someone who shares your commitment but has more limited funds to join in the movement. We encourage you to register at the price you can afford and know your purchase is part of the Bioneers community traditions of diversity and inclusivity. 

Individual: You are buying your tickets without employer funding, or have a more modest personal budget.

Pay-It-Forward: Our Pay-it-Forward ticket price supports those who need our help to get to Bioneers 2024. If you’re an individual or organization with the means, please register at the Pay-it-Forward rate this year. Let’s continue to build a movement that brings everyone to the table to develop practical solutions needed to change the world. 

Student, Educator, Activist and Limited-Income Senior: Bioneers offers special-rate tickets to students, educators, activists and seniors with limited incomes only. Please use this rate if you need it - we want you at Bioneers!

We look forward to seeing you in March! 
Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • Limited Quantities Available

Conference Tickets*

    Contribute to John Mohawk Scholarship Fund

    Help us support diverse, worthy and essential voices to the Bioneers Conference. Your generous donation funds scholarships for leaders from all walks of life whose resources are many, but whose funds are few: engaged youth, Indigenous peoples, educators, seniors, caregivers, organizers and community-based change-makers. We are committed to removing financial barriers so that leaders of all ages, colors, backgrounds and classes can come together at Bioneers to co-create an inclusive, life-affirming, equitable and healthy society. Invest in our current and future leaders! 

    Double your impact! For a limited time, your donation will be matched by a visionary donor. Please give what you can and give generously.



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